Social Responsibility

As a housewares brand we recognise early on that we have a big social responsibility. The concept of Curiositas is built around being ‘Social’ and as such as take a great deal of care in ensuring that our products are good for you and the environment. We also care immensely that the kind people that make our products are also happy in their work. We want everyone to feel good about Curiositas, from the people that make it to the customer that buys it. This is a big deal for us.

NO SWEAT SHOPS – Employee Welfare
Our factory staff are happy!
See the Interviews with them that appear from time to time on our blog. All our factories are selected personally by our manager. We have very close relationship with factory staff (as we visit them very often) and regularly conduct our own factory floor inspections. We also conduct our own factory floor interviews with staff as an insight into who makes our products.
In addition, all of the factories used to make beautiful Curiositas products are signed up to Internationally recognised schemes which enforce social responsibility preventing sweatshop conditions.

Quality and Safety
The quality of our product and safety to our customers is paramount. All goods are quality inspected during the production lifecycle and final shipment inspections are conducted by Curiositas staff in U.K. We pride ourselves on producing high-quality products and therefore quality control remains a crucial step in each of the manufacturing processes of a product. We would not be able to take such high-level care and attention without having our own staff overlooking the manufacturing process at each stage.

Limiting Environmental Impact
Firstly, all materials used in our products pass all regulatory tests in Europe (the high standards). All materials used are customised to our own specification so we can ensure the material is passing the regulatory tests in Europe and beyond.
Secondly, our products are high quality and we expect them to last a long time. Therefore reducing environmental impact.

Maintain High Ethical Standards
We maintain high ethical standards such as reporting unlawful or inappropriate conduct, respecting and protecting intellectual property,

Commitment to the support of charitable organisations in the developing world
Our charitable support programme has been start in 2018 and support two charities in the developing world.

We are currently selecting charities which provide educational programmes for the local population and possibly offer opportunities for internships for Curiositas Fans. In return, we will produce limited edition Curiositas ranges where all proceeds go to the relevant charities. If your charity is interested in becoming a supported charity of Curiositas please get in touch through